Seitan Salad with Mango and Feta Cheese

av Fattig.student


Seitan Salad with Mango and Feta Cheese


  • 300 g plain white flour
  • 2 dl water
  • ½ pack baja chicken spice
  • ½ x mango
  • ½ x red onion
  • 50 g feta cheese
  • 50 g spinach


  1. Start by making the seitan. Mix together flour and water in a bowl, and knead the dough by hand for about 10 minutes. You can see if the dough is ready by pressing a finger into it. If the trace of your finger dissappears quickly, the dough is ready.
  2. Let the dough rest in a bowl filled with cold water for 1-2 hours.
  3. Pour out the old water and refill the bowl with new, cold water. Massage the dough in the water to get rid of the starch. Once the water has turned white with starch, pour it out and refill. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times until the water looks quite clear.
  4. Leave the dough to rest in a sieve for about 20 minutes to get rid of as much water as possible.
  5. Divide the dough into 3 long strips, and braid them together. Then, twist the braid around and tie it together as you would with a twisted cinnamon bun.
  6. Add the braided knot of dough (yum, sounds delicious) to a saucepan with vegetable broth and water, and simmer for about 2 hours.
  7. Let the dough cool down completely before you tear the knot into many smaller, bitesize chunks.
  8. Heat the seitan strips with baja chicken spice in a pan.
  9. Chop the mango and red onion, and add to a bowl together with spinach and feta cheese. Top with half of your homemade seitan and serve.
  10. Set aside half of the seitan strips. They'll be used in another dinner this week.